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Easter 2019 Opening Times

Good Friday 19th                  10am - 4pm

Saturday 20th April                8am - 5pm

Easter Sunday 21st April       Closed

Easter Monday 22nd             10am - 4pm

Back to normal opening hours from Tuesday 23rd



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2018 Bank Holiday Opening Times

Bank Holiday Monday 10am - 4pm


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Christmas 2018 Opening Times

Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year! 

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Staying Clear of injuries

Injuries are the curse of men and women who exercise around the world.

Whether it is a sprained ankle or a more serious muscular tear, there is nothing more frustrating than watching your gym buddies from the sidelines because of injury.

Some are unpreventable, but other injuries can be avoided by following a few simple steps.

This is not a comprehensive guide by all means - always seek immediate medical attention for serious injuries.

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Do it Yourself physio

Some minor aches and pains aren't serious enough for a trip to the doctors.

Here are five top tips which will nurse your body back to fitness in no time.

But if aches or pains persist, consult medical advice immediately.

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Gym Jargon Guide

If the thought of lifting weights or running on a treadmill doesn't get you in a sweat, then all the complicated words that go with exercise probably will.

However, with a little bit of explanation, all the jargon will become that much more clearer.

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